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University Elections

This page is intended to give you an overview of the committees and structures at Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences in which student co-determination takes place and how it is organized. Both within the faculty and across the university. You can find out more about your personal student representatives in the linked subcategories!

Every year in the summer semester, the so-called university elections take place. In addition to the representatives of the staff and professors, your student representatives are also elected. With your votes you determine the following positions:

  • 7 representatives for the faculty's student council
  • 6 directly elected representatives for the Convention
  • 2 directly elected representatives for the senate

Click here to go to the college elections page: elections.studverthi.de

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The Student Council, or StudVer for short, is a collective term for the elected student representatives in the Senate, the Student Councils and the Convention. Every summer semester, the honorary representatives are newly elected by all students.

Our central task is to represent your interests to the university, the student union and the public.
We pursue this task, among other things, through membership in various university committees, as voting members of appointment committees, or through the targeted promotion and organization of student events.

Information about the overall StudVer: Click here!

Convention (Student Parliament)

From these elections, the Student Convention is formed, which consists of 22 people. 2 members of each student body, 6 directly elected representatives and 2 senators. One of these members is elected as chairman. Everyone can participate in one or more working groups that he or she is particularly interested in. Are you interested? Write us via email, Facebook or Instagram!

The Convention is the central body of the student representation, the student parliament, so to speak. The members of the Convention decide together on all matters that arise on the part of the students. This includes, for example, the organization of campus life, etc.

Click here to go to the page about the Convention: https://studverthi.de/der-konvent

Spokes Council

The Convention democratically elects 5 people to the Spokes Council. In addition, there are two student senators.

The Speaker's Council is the executive body for the Convention as well as the management of the Student Council of the University of Applied Sciences. The Speaker's Council divides itself into different departments and submits a semester concept for the different departments every semester.

Also, the Spokes Council is responsible for the financial resources of the Student Council.

Click here to go to the page about the Spokes Council: spokescouncil.studverthi.de


The Senate consists of elected students, university employees and professors. In addition, it is advised by members of the university management.

The tasks of the senate essentially comprise subject-related matters. In particular, it decides on the university's examination and study regulations. In addition, it is also part of the University Council and issues statements on appointment proposals.

Click here to go to the Student Senators page: senate.studverthi.de

Click here to go to the Student Senators page: senate.thi.de

Student representatives of the Faculty

The student representatives have a say in the affairs of the faculty through the two student representatives in the faculty council. This includes your module handbooks, study and examination regulations or your choice of elective modules.

Also, your student council collects thought logs and various alt exams. Just ask there!

Click here to go to the student council page: rf.studverthi.de


The elected representatives are your first point of contact for problems or questions concerning your studies. A open ear is offered to you at any time by personal contact in the office or by mail.

Become a member too!

Are you interested in getting involved in the student council? Just contact us, we are always looking for someone for our various projects! Become a part and shape the university life!