Electrical engineering and information technology

Who are we?

Welcome to the website of the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Student Council

We are Mona (BEE), Fabian (EIT), Hussein (EIT), Christian (EIT) and Anna (EMB) and for the next two semesters your student council E!

Our tasks and goals:

Representation of interests: We actively promote the interests of us students and represent them vis-à-vis the faculty in the Faculty Council (Fabian, Anna), other faculties/the university in the Convention (Mona, Hussein) or in appointment procedures (recruitment of new professors). There has also recently been a contact person for international students (Hussein).

Events and activities: We organise and support various events: regular get-togethers (student council meetings), the student council Olympics, firstsemester day and team events.

Counselling and support: We offer counselling and support for students who are confronted with subject-related problems or challenges. Simply contact us directly or write us an email (studver@thi.de)

Are you ready to make a difference?

The Electrical Engineering Student Council thrives on the active participation and commitment of its students. Here are some reasons why it is so crucial to volunteer with us:

1. helping to shape the student experience: as a member of the student council, you have the opportunity to actively improve the quality of your own student experience. You can contribute ideas, optimise the learning conditions and thus help to ensure that your fellow students receive an even better education.

2. development of key competences: Volunteering provides an excellent opportunity to develop important key skills that go beyond the lectureroms. These include teamwork, organisational skills, communication skills and leadership skills, which are invaluable in the electrical engineering industry and in professional life!

3. networking and socialising: As a member of the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology student council, you will become part of a dedicated network of students. You have the chance to make valuable contacts, make friends and learn from the experiences of others.

4. responsibility and influence: By volunteering, you have the opportunity to take on responsibility and bring about change. You can take part in projects and initiatives that have a positive impact on our faculty community.

Your ideas, your energy and your enthusiasm are the key to a great community. Contact us to find out more about how you can actively participate in the Open Student Council for Electrical Engineering. We look forward to welcoming you to our team.

If you are interested or have any concerns, you can reach us via emailInstagram or in the W-Container W003!


Here you'll find snapshots and short reports from time to time about what we're up to 🙂

Visit to the Federal Student Council Conference - ET

Student Council E 2022/23 at the Federal Student Council Conference-ET in Ulm


We have adopted a super cool shopping cart: EdCar. Edcar supports us at every student council meeting and transports beer (but also sometimes people 😉 )

14.05.2022 Faculty Olympics 🏆

An jenem Samstag, dem 14. Mai 2022, fand die erste Fakultätsolympiade überhaupt statt!
Fachschaft E war mit der Disziplin “Bobby-Car-Rennen” am Start, welche von den Teams Schnelligkeit einerseits beim Fahren des Plastikautos sowie beim Trinken abverlangte.
Aus sportlicher Sicht konnte die Fakultät E den errungenen dritten Platz des Teams “5 Hertzen” feiern 🎉
The final rankings were as follows:

best teams
1. Place 🥇 Fast glasses, WI
2. Place 🥈 Last year's winners, M
3. Place 🥉 5 Hertzen, E

Beste Fakultät 🏆 Sustainable infrastructure NI

This first edition of the Faculty Olympiad was a complete success for us from the organizing team and for all participants and we are already looking forward to the next edition in 2023

11.05.2022 Convention meeting

The representatives of Student Council E are of the opinion that a little fun is a must!
(Screenshot from the livestream)

07.04.2022 Bowling evening

Team building event aka bowling evening 🙂
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