Mechanical Engineering

Welcome to the website of the Mechanical Engineering Student Council!
Who are we?

We are (from left to right): Kiwi (ING), Adrian (ING), Lisa (EEE), Hanna (LT), Hannah (BIO) and León (ING).

What do we do?
Representation of interests:
We represent you, the students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, in the Faculty Council, i.e. professors, the Dean's Office and thus bring the student voice to bear on everything that is decided within the faculty.

We also represent you vis-à-vis the other student councils at the university in the Convention, where university-wide topics that affect everyone are discussed (Kiwi, León, Adrian).

We also have a say in appointment procedures, i.e. we can help decide who becomes a professor at our faculty and who does not. (all students who are interested)

Recently, there has also been a contact person for international students (León)

Basically, we are there for you and you are welcome to contact us with any problems you may have, you can reach us by e-mail at: or you can join us in the open student council at

We work together with the semester representatives of the degree programs in many areas.

We organize regulars' tables to strengthen the community of students in our faculty.

There is also an annual student council Olympics, where we always have a stand.

In addition, we often help organize the start of the semester and are present at many university events as part of the student representation.


We would like to start making memorial records of the exams.
We are also active in various working groups

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