Projects & Work Groups

Die Studierendenvertretung hat auch neben den offiziellen Gremien auch kleinere Gruppen (Arbeitskreise), in welchen man sich engagieren und durch Projekte das Studium gestalten kann. Hier wird normalerweise das Leben am Campus geformt.

Beispielsweise wird besprochen, was in einer Internationalen Woche stattfinden soll oder was wir neues umsetzen wollen.

Workgroup Semesterstart

In this working group, the start of the semester is worked out with an introductory event for first semester students and the Ruckie Guides
Current topics include the revision of the Ruckie Guides and a new edition in English.

Working group Events

In diesem Arbeitskreis organisieren wir Events wie z.B. die Fakultätsolympiade, den Adventskalender und Weihnachtsfeiern, um einen aktiven Austausch mit Studierenden zu schaffen.

Working Group Quality Assurance

In diesem Arbeitskreis geht es darum, die Studiengänge Qualitativ und Nachhaltig zu verändern. Dabei wird aktiv in der Akkreditierungskommission gearbeitet.

Wie das Qualitätsmanagementsystem der THI funktioniert kannst du hier entdecken!

Working group Colorful inclusion

We have campaigned for free period items and now you will find three dispensers at the Ingolstadt campus and one dispenser at the Neuburg campus.

Another topic we campaigned for was the sign language course, which is now being offered this semester.

We deal with equality, queer issues and inclusion.

Besucht uns auf Instagram:

Working Group Public Relations

In the Public Relations working group, we work on communicating our tasks, goals and wishes to students in a transparent manner

To do this, we use digital platforms such as this website and our social media accounts to draw your attention to current topics and dates.

We attach particular importance to ensuring that the information is understandable and accessible for you.

We also have access to the screens where we draw attention to club events.

University Cinema

Every fortnight, the student council's university cinema takes place in G011. We need volunteers to plan and set up these events.

University band

Unfortunately, we do not have a band at the moment. Are you musically talented and would like to live out your love of music together with other students at the university? Then why not join the university band?

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