Student representatives in the Senate & University Council

University Council

The University Council elects, among others, the President and the Vice-Presidents. It receives the accountability report of the university management and decides on the constitution as well as on the university development planning.


The Senate's tasks essentially comprise subject-related matters. The Senate adopts statutes and regulations such as the study and examination regulations (degree programme) or the general examination regulations (university-wide). Furthermore, the Senate deliberates on the introduction of new degree programmes and the lists for the appointment of new professors.

The students are represented by two representatives in the Senate and the University Council.

Student representatives in the Senate and University Council

Fabian Groß (Faculty Computer Science)

Samy Al-Issawi (Fak. Nachhaltige Infrastruktur)


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Amtsperiode 2022/2023

Fabian Groß (Faculty Computer Science)
Laura Meißner (Fak. THI Business School)

Amtsperiode 2021/2022

Fabian Groß (Faculty Computer Science)

Nikola Capin (Engineering and Management)